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2393 Perhaps You Dislike Something Whereas Allah Has Put a Great Deal of Good Therein

Posted on November 17, 2013 | Filed under Mukhtalif Fatawajaat, Miscellaneous Nature

Question :
I have been at my place of work for about five years now and I am not happy with my situation. I would like to change my job because I am not able to fulfill it properly. Before I thought of moving to another place, I prayed Salat al-Istikhaara hoping that my steps would be on a firm foundation. My heart was resolved to leave that job and I stated to do so. However, every hope I had to leave was soon exhausted and everything returned to how it used to be. Since that time I have been trying to leave this job but without any benefit.
Is Salat al-Istikhaara in those circumstances permissible or not? If it is legally sanctioned, what is the Divine wisdom behind me staying in my work for five years while I hate it and have not had an opportunity to change it?

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