909 Ruling Concerning Divorcing a Menstruating Woman and Its Legal Effect

Posted on September 10, 2013 | Filed under Divorce

Question :
A mother of two children was divorced by her husband but at the time of the divorce she was not in a state of purity. However, she did not tell her husband that until the time that they went to the judge. She hid that information from him but not from her mother. The mother told her not to tell the judge for, if she did, the judge would not pronounce the divorce. Afterwards, she stayed with her family and then she wanted to be reunited with her husband out of fear that her children would grow up lost and uncared for [since their father would not be present]. What is the ruling concerning that divorce that took place while she was menstruating?
1494 I Do Not Love Him and I Want Him to Divorce Me

Posted on September 09, 2013 | Filed under Talaq aur Rajou, Divorce

Question :
My older brother married me off without my approval. Even though, I stayed with my husband for six years. I am still with him now and we do not have any children. However, I do not love him and I would like for him to divorce me. But I heard a hadith whose meaning is, "If a woman seeks a divorce due to no harm, she will not enter Paradise." What is the solution?
1045 Importance Permits One to Seek a Divorce

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Question :
A woman was married for many years and did not have any children. After an examination, it was determined that the problem was from her husband and it would be impossible for the two of them to have children. Does she have the right to seek a divorce?
794 Asking for Divorce Due to Need

Posted on September 09, 2013 | Filed under Divorce

Question :
My husband wants to marry a second wife and informed me of that. I refused. My reasoning was that he is not in need of that since I have given him children and fulfill his rights. So I said to him, "In that case, divorce me." Am I in the right?
2612 Agar mard olad paida kerny k qabil na hu to talaq ka mutalba kerna jaiz hai

Posted on April 17, 2013 | Filed under Divorce, Talaq aur Rajou

Question :
Aik khaton kafi mudat sy shadi shudah hai magar woh beolaad hai. medical checkup k baad maloom huwa k nuqs khawand mai hai aur in dono mai olaad ka hona mahaal hai, kia is sorat mai bivi talaq talb kerny ka haq hasil hai?

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