The Wisdom Behind Creating Recording Angels

1717 The Wisdom Behind Creating Recording Angels

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Question :
Allah has created for us noble, recording angels that record everything we say and hear. What is the wisdom behind their creation while Allah has full knowledge , and nothing that we hide or reveal is hidden from Him?

Answer :
First, when it comes to matters of this nature, we may discover the wisdom behind it or we may not. There are many things concerning which we do not know their wisdom. As Allah has said,

"And they ask you about the ruh (Spirit). Say: As for the Ruh, its knowledge is with my Lord. And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little" (al-Isra 85).
As for that creation, it is as if the person would have asked me why did Allah create the camel in the form that it is in, or the horse, or the donkey, ot human being, and questions such as that. Or if he would have asked me why Allah has made the Dhuhr prayer four rakats, Asr four and Isha four. As for questions of that matter, we cannot know their wisdom, as otherwise one might ask, why did Allah not make it eight or six rakats. Therefore, we know that with respect to this creation and with respect to many aspects of the shariah, the wisdom behind them is simply a greater excellence, knowledge and goodness. However, if we do not have that knowledge, we are not losing anything.
Now let me return to the question. What is the wisdom behind creating honorable, recording angels that know everything we do? The wisdom behind that is that it demonstrates that Allah has ordered all things and has laid everything down in perfection. to the extent that He has put above the actions of mankind noble recorders who are responsible for recording everything they do, even though. Allah is knowledgeable of everything they do before they even do it. Allah of this is part of Allah's complete looking after of humans and His complete wisdom in this creation. Allah knows best.
Shaikh ibn Uthaimin

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