A Slight Tear in Socks is Overlooked

1001 A Slight Tear in Socks is Overlooked

Posted on May 17, 2013 | Filed under Physical Purification, Taharat

Question :
What is the ruling if someone notices after the prayer, either a short or long time afterwards, that he had a medium size tear in one of his socks? Should he repeat his prayer or not?

Answer :
If the tear is small or the hole is small according to convention or custom, it is overlooked and the prayer is correct. However, it is safest for the believing men and women to be very careful about keeping their socks free from any kind of tear or hole. This is being more cautions with respect to their religion and it also avoids the difference of opinion [that exists concerning such torn socks]. This approach is indicated by the Prophet's statement,

" Leave what makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt."
Recorded by al-Trimidhi and al-Nasai. IT is an authentic hadith. __ JZ
The Prophet (S.A.W) also said,

" Whoever avoids the doubtful matters cleans himself in regard to his religion and his honor. " Shaikh ibn Baz
Recorded by al-Bukhari and MUslim. ___ JZ

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