Employing a Disbeliever For Cooking and Cleaning

876 Employing a Disbeliever For Cooking and Cleaning

Posted on May 18, 2013 | Filed under Taharat, Physical Purification

Question :
We have a non-Muslim maid. Is it permissible for me to leave her to wash the clothing while I pray? Can I eat what she has cooked? Is it permissible for me to point out the shortcoming and falsehood of her religion?

Answer :
It is permissible to disbeliever and use them for cooking, washing and so forth. One may also eat the food they prepare and wear the clothing they have sewn or washed. This is because their outward body is clean and their impurity is a spiritual impurity. The Companions used to use non-Muslim male and female slaves and eat what they had prepared for them from the lands of the non-Muslims since they knew that their bodies were physically pure. However, it is mentioned in the hadith that one should wash their containers before cooking in them if those people used to drink alcohol or cook carrion and pork in them. Similarly, one should wash their clothing that is worn over the private parts. As for printing out the shortcomings and falsity of their religion, that is permissible. Either their religion is paganism, distorted or abrogated, like Christianity. A distorted and changed religion is definitely blameworthy. However, you should call them to Islam and explain to them its teachings and superiority while showing them the difference between it and the other religions. Shaikh ibn Jibreen

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