I Advise My Mother who Has Some Deviations and She Gets Angry at Me

486 I Advise My Mother who Has Some Deviations and She Gets Angry at Me

Posted on November 03, 2013 | Filed under Miscellaneous Nature

Question :
I see my mother following a path that is not correct. Every time I advise her she gets upset with me and she will pass many days without even talking to me. How can I advise her without earning her anger and the anger of Allah upon me? Or should I just leave her without advising her to earn her good pleasure and then the pleasure of Allah?

Answer :
You should repeat your advising of your mother and explain to her what kind of sins she is committing and their punishment. IF she is not affected by them, inform her husband or her father or her guardian to advise her. If she is committing a major sin, then there is no sin upon you because of her boycotting you and it will not harm you if she supplicates against you or if she says to you that you are disobedient and cutting off the ties of kinship. You are not ding that except for the sake of the honor of Allah and to forbid evil. If it is a small sin, then you should not cause the cutting of relations with her.
Shaikh ibn Jibreen

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