Shall I Serve My Father-in-Law?

970 Shall I Serve My Father-in-Law?

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Question :
I am a woman who serves my father-in-law. He has no one except my husband. Do I have the right to wash him and see him?

Answer :
As for you serving your father-in-law, this is a deed that deserves to be thanked as it is part of your goodness to that elderly man and to your husband also. You may wash him except for his private parts (back and front). As for his private parts, if he can wash them himself, he should do so and it would not be allowed for you to wash them. However, if he cannot do so, there is no harm upon you doing it for him with the condition that you wear gloves on your hands, so you do not directly touch his private parts. At the same time you must lower your gaze and not look at his private parts. It is not allowed for you to look at anyone's private parts except for that of your husband.
Shaikh ibn Uthaimin

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