Ruling Concerning Applauding and Whistling

2107 Ruling Concerning Applauding and Whistling

Posted on November 07, 2013 | Filed under Mukhtalif Fatawajaat, Miscellaneous Nature

Question :
What is the ruling concerning applauding (clapping) and whistling that many people do at parties?

Answer :
The ruling concerning that is that it is something that has been taken, apparently, from the non-Muslims. Therefore, Muslims should not do it. If a person is very pleased by something, he should extol Allah's greatness [say Allahu Akbar ] or glorify Allah [say Subhanallah ]. Furthermore, this should not be done as a group chant, like some people do today. A person says such things between himself and his soul. There is no basis whatsoever for everyone saying Allahu akbar together in an audible voice when something occurs which pleases them.
Shaikh ibn Uthaimin

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