She Did Well and She Did Wrong

2339 She Did Well and She Did Wrong

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Question :
A woman collected her husband's money that was in addition to what was needed for household items and stored them until they became thousands of dollars, without telling her husband about it. She did that so she could repay a debt that he had from her brother. Then, all of a sudden, she told him about it and he was pleased with what she had done. Then, afterwards, he became disturbed about it and began to doubt her and not trust her anymore, even though she is a very religious believer and her intention was good. However, he has some evil friends that are pushing him to think such thoughts. She wants to know if she was sinful or not in what she did.

Answer :
That woman did well in some aspects and wrong in other aspects. She was doing well in trying to relieve her husband of the debt as he was in debt to another and she wanted to free him from that. Her intention could have also been to help her brother by giving him his right as her husband was delaying in returning what was rightfully his although he had the ability to do so. She wanted her brother to receive his right that he was in need of. But the method she took was one of deception. However, she was wrong in doing it in a deceiving fashion that was like stealing and hiding some of the money that she had taken to meet the household needs. In that case, she was lying. I advise the husband to forgive her and have good thoughts about her. And he should return to trusting her and believing in her.
Shaikh ibn Jibreen

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