Gharelu Akhrajat

1106 Bivi ny acha bhi kia aur bura bhi

Posted on April 27, 2013 | Filed under Miscellaneous Nature, Mukhtalif Fatawajaat

Question :
Aik bivi ny gharelu akhrajat sy bach jany waly khawand k maal sy is k ilm k bagair 2 hazar riyal sy ziadah bacha liye, is sy iska maqsad yh tha k is k khawand k zeemay is (bivi) k bhai ka jo qarz hai is tarha woh ada hujayega. jab orat ny achanak khawand ko is baat sy agaah kia to woh wqti tour per is amal sy khush huwa, phirmaloom huwa k khawand kuch kabeedah khatir huny laga, bivi per shak bhi kerny laga aur is per is ka aitmad bhi khatam huny laga. halankey woh intehai deendar aur momna orat hai. is ki niyet bhi achi thi lekin baaz keena perwer logo ny bivi k is amal ko khawand k samny galat rang mai paish kia. ab orat yh maloom kerna chahti hai k kia woh is amal per gunaahgar thery gi ya nahi?
2339 She Did Well and She Did Wrong

Posted on November 17, 2013 | Filed under Mukhtalif Fatawajaat, Miscellaneous Nature

Question :
A woman collected her husband's money that was in addition to what was needed for household items and stored them until they became thousands of dollars, without telling her husband about it. She did that so she could repay a debt that he had from her brother. Then, all of a sudden, she told him about it and he was pleased with what she had done. Then, afterwards, he became disturbed about it and began to doubt her and not trust her anymore, even though she is a very religious believer and her intention was good. However, he has some evil friends that are pushing him to think such thoughts. She wants to know if she was sinful or not in what she did.

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